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Osceola Group Insurance Inc. is a Native American owned general insurance agency in Naples, Florida, founded by O.B. Osceola, Jr. At Osceola Group, we pride ourselves on Honesty, Integrity and Expertise. Unlike mainstream insurance brokers, we focus exclusively on Native American businesses. So we have a deep stake in the success of our clients. And we're proud to give back to the community. So when you work with Osceola Group, you get the confidence that comes from knowing we're all in this together.

With more than 65 years combined experience, Osceola Group has the experts to advise individuals, corporations and endowments. Because we are committed to educating our clients on all aspects of the insurance planning process, we can deliver significant benefits. With a wide array of products, we have the flexibility to tailor insurance plans to meet the needs of Native American owned and operated businesses. Our goal-based process, the foundation of our practice, allows you to identify, qualify and quantify you objectives, while constantly evaluating the results.